School Enrollment

How to Enroll

In District Enrollment:

Download an enrollment packet HERE or pick one up from the building office.

For grades K-6, please return forms to Kim Williams, Elementary Counselor. Mrs. Williams may be reached at 870-572- 7294 ext. 2901.

 For grades 7-12, please return forms to Monique Miller, High School Counselor. Mrs. Miller may be reached at 870-572- 7294 ext. 4723.

Driverโ€™s licenses, bank statements, notarized letters, rental agreements and notes from parents or others do not establish residence and will not be accepted. You must provide two utility bills reflecting a service address in the Barton School District in the name of the studentโ€™s legal guardian. The student being enrolled must reside within the district boundaries with the legal guardian.

Your child will not be enrolled on the same day the enrollment materials are submitted to the district. You will be notified when the enrollment information has been verified and all necessary documents have been received.

If your student is approved for enrollment, additional forms will have to be filled out. The counselor will contact you with more information.

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