6th Grade GT Make Tin Man With HS Students

Once again the 6th grade GT students engineered a recycled Tin Man with the help of Mr. Funk's Furniture and Cabinet Making Class. The high school students have been helping the elementary GT students with their Tin Man projects for years. This year's project had a special meaning to Mr. Funk and myself. Jackson Arnold and Naya Thelman, two of the high school students that helped the elementary students this year,  just happened  to be the first group of elementary GT students  that started the yearly tradition of  building the recycled Tin Man 5 years ago (2015). We all look forward to this project each year. The high school and elementary students work together and learn so much from each other. Thank you Mr. Funk for allowing the elementary GT students to come to your shop to drill with the BIG kids.  Kudos to all who have been involved throughout the years!!!

The 2015 picture was  the first group at Barton to start the engineering Tin Man project. Jackson Arnold and Naya Thelman happen to be in both groups------ then and now!!!