Mock Supreme Court

Honors Civics (9th grade) students conducted a Mock Supreme Court Trial Tuesday. Students were given a fictional scenario dealing with whether or not a state law that prohibited kneeling for the national anthem would be considered unconstitutional. Three student attorneys represented the State of Ohio (Jack Oswalt, Jace Webster, and Deonna Williams), three student attorneys represented Johnson (Macy Ward, Grant Rohrscheib, and Gabe Gant), and four AP Government students served as Supreme Court Justices (Jada Sumpter, Brenton Morgan, Bri Jackson and Paris Banks). Mr. Gerrard also served as a Supreme Court Justice. Even though they expressed personal disagreement with the decision to kneel, the Justices unanimously sided with Johnson that such a state law was in violation of her 1st amendment right to free speech. All participants did a wonderful job!