The Barton School District is working very hard to provide the best quality education.  With this in mind we are putting the best qualified teachers in positions to better serve our students.  Some changes will occur to where some classes will be taught online through Virtual Arkansas with a highly capable facilitator on campus.  Student engagement, participation, and effort in these classes will be of utmost importance.  Students will receive their assignments and will need to work diligently to complete them.  There are resources available for all students to get help and instruction when needed from Barton teachers.  We understand that virtual learning is not the optimal solution for all learning and we are working hard to get a qualified teacher in the classroom.

We will have a parent night  for parents with students enrolled in Virtual Arkansas classes on October 3, 2022 at 6pm in the HS Seminar Room.  This meeting will show parents how to become an observer in their child’s online course-to see grades, late assignments, missing assignments, and course work.

Virtual Arkansas Resources for parents/guardians:

Parent Orientation

Parent Observer Account Information

Observer Pairing Instructions

Parent Guide